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Ongal Invaders

Ongal Invaders

On the 24th of May 2015, Bulgarian and Hungarian tourists to Kekistan, declared our capital, the Temple of Jonesia, to be “Camp Rid”, “with the reason to take care for this abandoned and not cleaned of explosive mines small pieces of lends and its Danubian banks destroying by the flow of the river, defend their statute of hi level protected Natural Park with very important habitats for Central Europe and Balkans and for other hand to have for them a responsible state government that prevent this “No men lend” to become a nest of criminality, contraband of narcotics and, let save us God, home for terrorists “.[38] The invaders came to the territory seeking to declare the Danube Ecological Principality of Ongal [39][40][41][42][43][44][45] [46]

However, the Confederation of Autia had already claimed these territories on April 16th 2015, before the “Kingdom of Ongal”, a claim that was taken on by the Sovereign Order of Kekistan [47], and many of the territories claimed by the Kingdom of Ongal are not Terra Nullius. At 3:22 AM on the 3rd of April 2017, Russia acknowledged the existence of Kekistan. [48][49]

On the 17 of June 2015, the invaders addressed letters for friendship and protection to Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. The Ecological Principality has established the mutual recognizing connections and diplomatic relations with different organisations and others similar status states first – with Principality of New Atlantis (in size like Belgium floating island in the Pacific Ocean), 2 – Citizen Sociaty “Mladost -Sofia”, 3 – Sociaty “Nezavisim obshtestven kontrol” 4 – the neighbor self-proclaimed country Kingdom of Enclava, 5 – the neighbor self-proclaimed country Republic of Valkadia, 6 – Union of veterans of Bulgarian army, 7 – Kingdom of Elohem, 8 – Kingdom of Ruthenia, 9- Grand Duchy of Lundenwic, 10- Empire of Austenasia, receive greatngs for its sovereignty from other micronations like: Khanate of Nedland and Empire of Quailia, for now it have no recognition by old countries, or by the United Nations, Principality of Ongal is a member of the Danube Council and defence organisation Danube pact.[50][51][52]Principality clamed ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 — ON, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 — ONG, ISO 4217 alfa-3 — DLV.[53]