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Kekistani Homestead Act (2017)

Sovereign Order of Kekistan

Homestead Act (2017)

Introductory Information

Due to the absence of a Parliament at this time, this Act was prepared by His Holiness’s Grand Justiciar, Corey Cardinal Smith, acting temporarily as Grand Commander of the Inner Circle of the Grand Knights of the Round Table, in accordance with instruction received from His Holiness, on the 4th of April 2017.

Legal Description

An Act to allow settlers to secure and the state to authenticate homesteads on the public domain within the territory of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan.

Details of the Act

    • 1 – May it be enacted by His Holiness that any member of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, who is the head of a settling family, or is eighteen (18) years old and a member of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, whose intentions do not violate that of the written Constitution of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, and Kekistani law prior and thereafter the date of the enactment of this Act, is entitled to request for patent of one (1) acre of unincorporated land within the Sovereign Order of Kekistan.
    • 2 – Unless granted by His Holiness’s Grand Seneschal, one individual shall not have subdivided land greater than one (1) acre, this must be done under request and handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • 3 – The person applying for the benefit of this act shall, upon application to the land register of His Holiness’s Grand Seneschal in which he or she is about to make such entry, make affidavit before the said register or receiver that he or she is the head of a family, or is eighteen (18) years or more of age, and has made no attempt to violate the Constitution, and that said entry is for settlement and cultivation, which does not directly or indirectly be used to benefit one’s person.
    • 4 – Provided, however, that no certificate shall be given or patent issued therefore until the expiration of five (5) years from the date of such entry and at the preemption of one Bitcoin (1 BTC) upon the completion of stated period; and if, at the expiration of such time, or at any time within two (2) years thereafter, the person making such entry; or, if he be dead, his widow; or in case of her death, his heirs or devisee; or in case of a widow making such entry, her heirs or devisee, in case of her death; shall prove by two (2) credible witnesses that he, she, or they have resided upon or cultivated the same for the term of five (5) years immediately succeeding the time of filing the affidavit aforesaid, and made payment of 1 BTC, and shall make affidavit that no part of said land has been alienated, and that he has borne true allegiance to the Prince-Bishop of Kekistan; then, in such case, he, she, or they, if at that time a full citizen of Sovereign Order of Kekistan, shall be entitled to a patent, as in other cases provided for by law.
    • 5 – Further, that in-case of the death of both father and mother, leaving an infant child, or children, under eighteen (18) years of age, the right and fee shall ensure to the benefit of said infant child or children; and the executor, administrator, or guardian may, at any time within two years after the death of the surviving parent, and in accordance with the laws of the region in which such children for the time being have their domicile, sell said land for the benefit of said infants, but for no other purpose; and the purchaser shall acquire the absolute title by the purchase, and be entitled to a patent from Kekistan, on payment of the office fees and sum of money herein specified.
    • 6 – Further, the land register of the His Holiness’s Grand Seneschal shall note all such applications on the tract books and plats of his office, and keep a register of all such entries, and make return thereof to the His Holiness’s Grand Seneschal, together with the proof upon which they have been founded.  And no lands acquired under the provisions of this act shall in any event become liable to the satisfaction of any debt or debts contracted prior to the issuing of the patent therefore.
    • 7 – If, at any time after the filing of the affidavit, as required in the second section of this act, and before the expiration of the five years aforesaid, it shall be proven after due notice to the settler, to the satisfaction of the land register of the His Holiness’s Grand Seneschal’s Land Office, that the person having filed such affidavit shall have actually changed his or her residence, or abandoned the said land for more than six months at any time, then and in that event the land so entered shall revert to His/Her Holiness.
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Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) Act (2017)

Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) Act (2017)

To provide for the adoption of a Temple flag for Kekistan (Jonesia); to provide for the making of regulations to restrict or control the application to any goods of a reproduction of such flag; and to provide for matters incidental to the foregoing.

BE IT ENACTED by His Holiness, by and with the advice and consent of the Inner Circle of the Round Table of Grand Knights, as follows: –

1. This Act may be cited as the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) Act, 2017.

2. The Flag of Kekistan (Temple of Jonesia) shall be a flag consisting of a green field, on which there appears an overlay of a black cross with a white border, over which there is a Kek disc and three white stars, with –

(a) the length of the flag equal to twice the width of the flag;

(b) the Kek disc equal in height to half the height of the flag;

(c) the three stars are 7/8s the height of bar of the cross and positioned centrally at equal distance along the eastern arm.

3. His Holiness’s Minister of Justice shall cause a copy of the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) to be prepared and deposited in the Royal Archives of Kekistan (Jonesia).

4. (1) Where, in the opinion of His Holiness, it is necessary to regulate and control the use of the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) in order that it is not used for purposes which, in his opinion, are improper he may make such regulations restricting, regulating or controlling the application to any goods or the importation into Kekistan (Jonesia) of any goods to which there has been applied a reproduction of the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) or of a flag which resembles or is intended to resemble the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) as he may consider to be necessary or expedient for the purpose.

4. (2) Regulations made in terms of subsection (1) may provide for penalties for any contravention thereof, including provision for the forfeiture of any goods to which a reproduction of the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) or of a flag which resembles or is intended to resemble the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) has been applied or which have been imported in contravention of such regulations: Provided that no such penalty shall exceed a fine of five hundred pounds or imprisonment for period of two years, excluding the value of any goods forfeited.

5. Any person who burns, mutilates or otherwise insults the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) or a flag which resembles or is intended to resemble the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) or any reproduction thereof in circumstances which are calculated or likely to show disrespect for the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) or to bring the Flag of Kekistan (Jonesia) into disrepute shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred pounds or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years.