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Statement on “Kingdom of North Sudan”

Statement on “Kingdom of North Sudan”

As can be seen here, by constitutive theory of international law, we are a legitimate state, because we have endorsement by the Russia in London, and we are even recognised by the British government as an ethnic group. If fact, we are one of the most legitimate micronations in existence. We also have a sensible constitution, and a government.

Of the claims to Bir Tawil, Heaton was not the first, but second American to do so, and his claim does not satisfy either the constitutive or declarative theory of nationhood, but was a cute half-serious declaration of a state so that he can call his daughter a princess.

We are right-wing libertarians so have a very dim view of “Kingdom of North Sudan” whose website promotes soft communism. We do not recognise their claim. They meet neither the declarative or constitutive theory of nationhood under international law, while we at least satisfy the latter, possibly better than any other micronation, and arguably the former.