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Kekistani Election 2017

Kekistani Election 2017

After some reflection, Prince Luke has decided that at some stage soon, we shall grant the vote to Kekistani diaspora, and not just residents, for the appointment of a Federal Parliament.

At some stage, a vote will be held for those who have registered on our website and been approved as temporary citizens by Lewis. Due to this “temporary status”, with full immigration to yet be established, the Parliament will be advisory only. It will be a Discord server.

Therefore, as per our constitution, in the spirit of democracy, members of the inner and middle circle, known as the grand knights, are meant to be chosen from the Parliament, to represent the people. In fact, middle circle are to be recommended by the Grand Chancellor, who is person with the confidence of the Parliament, i.e. leader of the largest political party in Parliament. Therefore all grand knights of the middle circle hold their seat until next election. (Don’t worry, I’m likely to reappoint you all).

Open for election will be 6 seats by Mixed-Member Proportional Representation: a North America seat, a British Isles seat, a Rest of the World seat, and 3 seats in the general pool. The Prince may chosen non-MPs to fill seats if there are no permanent residents of Kekistan, or there are few members of the Parliament.

Therefore, all knights, form one or more political parties of Kekistan (just make a FB page), and let Corey know. No commie shit or so on will be registered on the ballot. Before the election (date to be announced), all parties much have a leader, logo, (a flag too if you want), a slogan, a manifesto, and create a video with the leader expressing why to vote for your party. The video will be sent to the Kekistan website mailing list. Your leader will be welcomed to the leaders debate on Skype which will be streamed on the Kekistan FB page.


Currently two parties registered: Kekistani Front (social conservatives) and the Kekistani Freedom Party (right-wing libertarians).

The Grand Chancellor (Prime Minister) is usually the leader of party which wins the most seats. Currently Big Man Tyrone, an independent.

Appointments to inner, and especially middle, circles are usually members of the Federal Parliament, except where it is small in size or the land yet to be populated, and hence low numbers.

Members of the outer circle, the civil service, are unelected, staff recruited by their department, and hold their role unless fired by department, or in extenuating circumstances, the Prince fires them.

Until the land is settled, there is no local population, so no regional assemblies shall be appointed for overseas territories (Kekistani North Africa, and Kekistani Antarctica) or provinces (Nova Cambria, Dixie Bank, and Hampshire Sands).

Federal Parliament handles foreign affairs, as well as domestic affairs of the provinces, while Kekistani overseas territories handle their own local domestic affairs. The capital territory (Jonesia) will be administered in entirety by a committee appointed directly by the Prince, and with the Federal Parliament determined to support its complete security and protection.