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Kekistani Election 2017

Kekistani Election 2017

After some reflection, Prince Luke has decided that at some stage soon, we shall grant the vote to Kekistani diaspora, and not just residents, for the appointment of a Federal Parliament.

At some stage, a vote will be held for those who have registered on our website and been approved as temporary citizens by Lewis. Due to this “temporary status”, with full immigration to yet be established, the Parliament will be advisory only. It will be a Discord server.

Therefore, as per our constitution, in the spirit of democracy, members of the inner and middle circle, known as the grand knights, are meant to be chosen from the Parliament, to represent the people. In fact, middle circle are to be recommended by the Grand Chancellor, who is person with the confidence of the Parliament, i.e. leader of the largest political party in Parliament. Therefore all grand knights of the middle circle hold their seat until next election. (Don’t worry, I’m likely to reappoint you all).

Open for election will be 6 seats by Mixed-Member Proportional Representation: a North America seat, a British Isles seat, a Rest of the World seat, and 3 seats in the general pool. The Prince may chosen non-MPs to fill seats if there are no permanent residents of Kekistan, or there are few members of the Parliament.

Therefore, all knights, form one or more political parties of Kekistan (just make a FB page), and let Corey know. No commie shit or so on will be registered on the ballot. Before the election (date to be announced), all parties much have a leader, logo, (a flag too if you want), a slogan, a manifesto, and create a video with the leader expressing why to vote for your party. The video will be sent to the Kekistan website mailing list. Your leader will be welcomed to the leaders debate on Skype which will be streamed on the Kekistan FB page.


Currently two parties registered: Kekistani Front (social conservatives) and the Kekistani Freedom Party (right-wing libertarians).

The Grand Chancellor (Prime Minister) is usually the leader of party which wins the most seats. Currently Big Man Tyrone, an independent.

Appointments to inner, and especially middle, circles are usually members of the Federal Parliament, except where it is small in size or the land yet to be populated, and hence low numbers.

Members of the outer circle, the civil service, are unelected, staff recruited by their department, and hold their role unless fired by department, or in extenuating circumstances, the Prince fires them.

Until the land is settled, there is no local population, so no regional assemblies shall be appointed for overseas territories (Kekistani North Africa, and Kekistani Antarctica) or provinces (Nova Cambria, Dixie Bank, and Hampshire Sands).

Federal Parliament handles foreign affairs, as well as domestic affairs of the provinces, while Kekistani overseas territories handle their own local domestic affairs. The capital territory (Jonesia) will be administered in entirety by a committee appointed directly by the Prince, and with the Federal Parliament determined to support its complete security and protection.

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Solar Farms in the Desert

Solar Farms in the Desert

There’s no question that solar power is the future, an energy trend that’s fueling the development of massive solar farms in such places as California, China, and elsewhere. And where better to put these plants than in the desert—areas that feature plenty of sunshine and vast expanses of land that are otherwise useless and inhospitable.

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If only 0.3% of the Sahara Desert was covered in solar panels, it would generate enough energy to power the entire European continent.

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Based Stickman appointed to Most Holy Order of Kek

Based Stickman appointed to Most Holy Order of Kek

Kyle Chapman, often called “Based Stickman”, has accepted Prince Luke’s offer of appointment to the Most Holy Order of Kek, an order of chivalry for those who participated in an act which advanced or protected the Kekistani realm.

Chapman has shown great bravery defending Western civilisation on more than one occasion against violent Antifa terrorists. Of particular note was that at the Battle of Berkeley, Chapman partook in the charge to clear the campus of Nazi scum that was injuring students with bombs and trying to suffocate them with bags.

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Statement on “Kingdom of North Sudan”

Statement on “Kingdom of North Sudan”

As can be seen here, by constitutive theory of international law, we are a legitimate state, because we have endorsement by the Russia in London, and we are even recognised by the British government as an ethnic group. If fact, we are one of the most legitimate micronations in existence. We also have a sensible constitution, and a government.

Of the claims to Bir Tawil, Heaton was not the first, but second American to do so, and his claim does not satisfy either the constitutive or declarative theory of nationhood, but was a cute half-serious declaration of a state so that he can call his daughter a princess.

We are right-wing libertarians so have a very dim view of “Kingdom of North Sudan” whose website promotes soft communism. We do not recognise their claim. They meet neither the declarative or constitutive theory of nationhood under international law, while we at least satisfy the latter, possibly better than any other micronation, and arguably the former.

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Swedish cuck demands Kekistan’s Wikipedia page be deleted

The Wikipedia user who demanded the Kekistan page be deleted is from…. you guessed it, the most cucky country in the world: Sweden.

What kind of person gets offended by a green frog but says nothing while their women are being raped by invading hordes of barbarians?

Clearly Wikipedia is a libtarded cesspit of Hilary Clinton:

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Peerages, Nobility, Orders, Decorations, & Medals

Peerages, Nobility, Orders, Decorations, & Medals

Theocratic Republic of Kekistan (Jonesia):

Peerages, Nobility, Orders, Decorations, & Medals


Royal Family (Royal Peerages)


His/Her Royal Holiness, Prince-Bishop/Princess-Bishop [Name] of the House of Nash-Jones, the Temple of Jonesia and the Sovereign Order of Kekistan

Monarch’s Significant Other:

Her/His Serene Highness, Princess/Prince-Consort [Name] of the House of Nash-Jones, the Temple of Jonesia and the Sovereign Order of Kekistan

Monarch’s First Child:

His Serene Highness, Hereditary Prince/Princess [Name] of the House of Nash-Jones, the Temple of Jonesia and the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, the Duke/Duchess of Nashia

Wife of the Sovereign’s Eldest Son:

Duchess of Nashia


Non-Royal Peerages

Duke/Duchess (His/Her Grace)

The highest non-royal rank of nobility, however, are often subsidiary or customary titles of members of the Royal Family (those not directly in line to the monarchy). (Hereditary)

Marquis/Marquise (The Most Honorable)

The second highest non-royal rank of nobility, historically granted to senior and loyal families, tasked with protecting the realm. (Hereditary)

Count/Countess (The Right Honourable)

The third highest non-royal rank of nobility, historically granted to those seen as honourable companions to the monarch or realm.  (Hereditary)

Baron/Baroness (The Right Honourable)

The fourth highest non-royal rank of nobility, historically granted to noblemen of the realm, or someone of great respect to the monarch. (Hereditary)

Knight/Dame of the Realm (Sir/Dame)

The fifth highest non-royal rank of nobility, historically granted to noble warriors of the realm, if no associating order is bestowed. (Non-Hereditary)  


Orders of Chivalry

Honours are used to recognise merit in terms of achievement and service. Decorations tend to be used to recognise specific deeds. Medals are used to recognise bravery, long and/or valuable service and/or good conduct.


The Most Holy Order of the Temple Guardians

“Services to the Crown”

Awarded as a personal gift of the sovereign, to those who participated in an act which advanced or protected His/Her realm, particularly the Temple of Jonesia.

Kekistanis who did something most extraordinary, far beyond normal, to promote Kekistan. Known as Temple Guardians, the they are chosen for demonstrated merits and accomplishments, upholding and representing the traditions of the Order, and collectively leading its missions for advancing Western civilisation. Temple Guardians are prominent members of major achievements or capabilities which carry inherent benefits to the Order, who are engaged in active service as Kekistani Knights supporting the missions of Knights and Dames.  Temple Guardians are generally nobility, celebrities, public figures, or especially active members, who are dedicated to infrastructure development or high profile networking for the Order, as guardianship for preservation of Western heritage for the benefit of humanity;

Knight/Dame Grand Cross (GK): TBA
Knight/Dame Commanders (KK/DK): TBA

Commanders (CK): TBA

Lieutenant (LK): TBA

Members (MK):

  • Kyle Chapman – accepted
  • Steven Crowder – offered
  • Alex Jones – offered
  • Gavin McInnes – offered
  • Lauren Southern – offered


The Most Holy Order of the Kekistani Empire

“For Faith and Fatherland”

Awarded to those who participated in an exceptional act for the Kekistani (Jonesian) Empire, bestowed by the sovereign upon the basis of recommendation by the Chancellor.

Knight/Dame Grand Cross (GJE): TBA

Knight/Dame Commanders (KJE/DJE): TBA

Commanders (CJE): “Prominent but lesser role at national level, or a leading role at regional level. You can also get one for a distinguished, innovative contribution to any area”.


Officers (OJE): “Outstanding achievement or service to the community. This will have had a long-term, significant impact and stand out as an example to others”.


Member (MJE): “Major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area”.

  • Carl Benjamin – offered
  • Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko – offered


The Most Holy Jonesian Order of Sparta

“For faithful service”

Awarded to those who served in the Royal Household or Civil Service, which is bestowed by the sovereign upon the basis of recommendation by the Chancellor.

Knight/Dame Grand Cross (GNJ): TBA

Knight/Dame Commanders (KNJ/DNJ): TBA

Companion (CNJ): for 25 years (in administrative or clerical capacity).



The Most Holy Order of the Occidental Brotherhood

Knight/Dame Bachelor of Kekistan (Jonesia) (Kt/Dm)

Most basic and lowest rank of a man who has been knighted by the monarch but not as a member of one of the organised Orders of Chivalry. There is no female counterpart to Knight Bachelor.

Honorary Knight/Dame Bachelor (HKt, HDm):

Foreigners are not created Knights Bachelor; instead they are made honorary Kts.

  • Nigel Farage – offered
  • Viktor Orban – offered
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg – offered
  • Donald Trump – offered
  • Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – offered
  • Milo Yiannopoulos – offered

For individual members with equivalent ranks but of different orders, precedence is accorded based on the seniority of the orders of chivalry: Royal Lucian Order, the Order of the Jonesian Empire, and the Order of Nash-Jones. For equivalent ranks and orders, those appointed earlier precede those appointed later.



Lucian Cross (LC)

Military personnel for “… most conspicuous bravery, or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.”



Jonesian Military Cross (MC)

Military personnel for “… gallantry during active operations against the enemy.”



Donat of Kekistan – Donats of Kekistan are patron sponsors contributing substantial financial donations to support the humanitarian missions of the Order, who have sworn the Oath of the Kekistani Knights, but without any requirement of active service