Flags & Coat of Arms

Flag of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, designed and approved by Prince Luke

The green field represents Pepe the mascot of patriotic capitalists, while the black and white represent the darkness he rules over and the light he permits us.

The Prince’s flag, designed and approved by Prince Luke

On the Prince’s flag are three white stars which refer to (1) the Round Table, the government of Kekistan, (2) the Holy Land (on the Danube, in North Africa, and Antarctica), and (3) the Diaspora, particularly the Anglosphere.

The stars represent the enlightened few in a world dominated by the darkness of fake news. They are bright white like a radiant beam of light. The number three has interesting symbolism, because on the third day that Jesus rose again from the dead, and we feel that Western civilisation has been destroyed and needs to be restored.

Flag of the Temple of Jonesia, designed and approved by Prince Luke

The Nordic-style cross is found on the flags of countries and regions across Northern Europe, from Yorkshire, UK to the Baltic States. It is a symbol of Christianity, which influenced the formation of Western civilisation.

4chan “Battle Flag”

The battle flag waved by some Trump supporters at protests was not created by but existed before the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, and is strongly associated with the “/pol/” group on 4chan. We do not know who designed it, though we believe it is “shitposting” culture, and a sarcastic protest symbol, meant to be mocking SJWs.

Coat of Arms of Kekistan

Official authorisation by Royal Warrant for the coat of arms was granted on the 1st of April 2017. The shield features a Kek hieroglyphic passant, taken from Egyptian mythology, in reference to Pepe, the mascot of patriotic capitalists, and the Latin motto Ducit Amor Patriae (Led by Love of Country) is a reference to love of Western civilisation. Pepe the Frog in ancient Egyptian artistic style sits in a golden wreath on the white field. The wreath represents the Prince-Bishop of Kekistan. Also featured above the shield is the crest, a yellow lion in the style of Canada and Rhodesia, brandishing a sword to protect the crown. The supporters of the arms are an antelope to the left, to represent Africa, and a Welsh dragon to the right to represent the Anglo-Celtic traditions the nation is founded on.