Grand Seneschal

The Grand Seneschal runs the Home Office, which is responsible for immigration, security and law and order. The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure, including the preservation of Western civilisation and capitalism.

  • His Holiness’s Cardinal Secretary of State for the Home Department, normally referred to as the Grand Seneschal: Lewis Kaasikmae
  • His Holiness’s Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, and de facto Head of the Kekistani Police Force: Tommy English

Contact: Facebook page of the Home Office

(Cardinal Kaasikmae and Prince Luke discussing the Kekistani immigration policy.)

State Security Service

There is rumoured to be a Kekistani domestic security agency, but the Kekistani government refuses to comment.

Legal Framework

Constitution: Section (§) 5 – The Executive

  • 5.10 – The Grand Seneschal acts as Deputy Grand Chancellor, except for period of “early days” as defined in §§5.9.

Constitution: Section (§) 7 – Citizenship

  • 7.1 – Citizenship of Kekistan is to be regulated by the Home Department, which is administered by His Holiness’s Cardinal Secretary of State for the Home Department, known as the Grand Seneschal, §§5.7-5.8.
  • 7.2 – Anyone not loyal to the ways of Kek, particularly the three aspects highlighted in the Preamble of this Constitution, can only live in Kekistan if His Holiness or His Holiness’s Home Office grants them a temporary visa due to having skills in shortage and necessary to the survival or advancement of the nation, or a residency visa as and while married to, in a long-term relationship with, or an immediate relative (parents, siblings, children) dependent on, a Kekistani subject due to age, health condition, or financial desperation.
  • 7.3 – While the religion of Kekistan is deemed to be the Way of Kek, other faiths are permitted if they are practised within the confines of this Constitution, including the 3 principles in the Preamble. His Holiness or His Holiness’s Home Office reserve the right to monitor, investigate, outlaw, or reject future citizenship applications from members of, any religious group, if such is deemed by His Holiness or His Holiness’s Home Office to be a threat to the security of the nation.
  • 7.4 – His Holiness or His Holiness’s Home Office reserve the right to, on the grounds of treason, immediately, without warning, rescind the citizenship of and promptly deport any Kekistani subject who actively rejects, or promotes rejection of, this Constitution, including the three aspects of Kek highlighted in the Preamble, with exception of proposal of constitution amendments by approved process defined in §§1.4.
  • 7.5 – A member of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan will only have full rights of a citizen, such as voting, granting of a passport, or protection by an embassy, where evidence of twelve months current continuous residence on Kekistani soil, with any overseas travel during said period amounting collectively to less than half a year, also required, and at least one payment of taxation to His Holiness’s Treasury, and for a period of twelve months any relevant taxation required by Kekistani law.