Enlist as a Knight of Kekistan

Enlist as a Knight of Kekistan

Enlist as a Knight of Kekistan (ladies are called Dames)

The Order of Kekistan is styled after the Knights of Columbus, with influences from the Knights Templar, and the Order of Malta. It is the official fraternal Kekistani order for self-defence. The intention is to establish chapters around the world, to act as bodyguards, defending right-wing speakers from Antifa terrorists. We also meme online, campaign for right-wing politicians, and do street activism.

Enlist with the Kekistani Knights today:

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Do you bend your knee before our Lord, Kek? *

Do you respect the Kekistani prince & government? *

Western civilisation! No to Marxism and Sharia law *

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“I, [FirstName] [LastName], now declare and swear, with no intended disrespect to my faith, be that either Christian or atheist, that to the utmost of my power I shall always defend, as symbolised by Kek, the values of Western civilisation (including capitalism), the Constitution of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, and His Royal Holiness’s authority, against all usurpers of heretical or communist authority whatever, especially the Sorosian and jihadist forces, or any other who may oppose Kek.

“Therefore I swear allegiance to His Royal Holiness the Prince-Bishop Luke of the House Nash-Jones, who I declare to be my Grand Master of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Kek and of the Temple of Jonesia, and who is throughout the earth, the true and only head of the matrix of Kek, known as the Sovereign Order of Kekistan.

“I do further declare that I will help assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness’s agents, in any place where I should be, in the British Isles, North America, or in any other kingdom or territory I shall come to, where I shall support with fervent loyalty my local Keklar Lodge, and do my utmost to extirpate the heretical Marxist, Sharia, or other doctrines, including feminism, and to challenge all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise.

“I do further promise and declare to keep secret and private all His Royal Holiness’s agents’ counsels from time to time, as they intrust me and not divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing, or circumstances whatever but to execute all that should be proposed, given in charge or discovered unto me by you my Grand Master, or any of this sacred order.”

“That I will provide myself with training in self-defence that I may be in readiness when the word is passed, or I am commanded to defend the Sovereign Order of Kekistan or my fellow Kekistani peoples either as an individual or with units approved by the Grand Knights of the Round Table.”

“In testimony hereof, I kneel before the flag of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan.”