The constitutive theory defines a state as a person of international law only if it is recognised as such by other states that are already a member of the international community. The Russian embassy to the UK has made written acknowledgement of our state, and therefore, we have  legitimacy.

Due to recent developments across the globe, on the 1st of April 2017, Prince-Bishop Luke had deemed it advantageous to acknowledge the ancient Egyptian deity of the region, who is seen as a mascot of patriotic capitalists, by declaring the alternate name of the region to be Kekistan. Shortly after this decree, the Russian embassy to the UK tweeted praising the new country.

With regards to the declarative theory, on the first requirement, a defined territory, on the 29th of March 2015,  Prince-Bishop Luke claimed the uninhabited, stateless and former British territory of Bir Tawil (terra nullus bordering Egypt and Sudan), and some unclaimed portions of land between Croatia and Serbia, as the Principality of Jonesia. However, this requirement is not stringent, because to be fair, the The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has no territory at all. Unlike the territory of for example, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or Somaliland, our land is not inhabited by another state, and has no strong alternate claim.

Regarding the expectation of a government, Prince-Bishop Luke has appointed the Temple of Jonesia, including the Grand Knights of the Round Table who serve as cabinet ministers. The Grand Knights drew up at his instruction the Constitution of the Theocratic Republic of Kekistan, and The Homesteading Act (2017), both of which were approved by His Holiness.

On the third requirement, we have the capacity to enter into relations with other states, with a Foreign Minister having been appointed.

Regards to the fourth requirement, a permanent population, we view ourselves as the government in exile, and in this regard we are similar to many countries, including Liberland. We are carefully planning a visit to the area where we shall plant a flag and seek to reside permanently.