Knight Grand Officers of the Round Table

The Round Table is the curia, the executive branch, of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan. It has a similar structure to state governments. However, it also includes specific features associated with its nature as a fraternal order, with influences from the Knights of Columbus, the Knights Templar, and the Order of Malta. In true Arthurian style, the government of the order is known as the Knight Grand Officers of the Round Table. Although these titles reflect centuries of tradition they are also roles consistent with 21st century needs.

Functions of the Government are carried out by the Knight Grand Officers of the Round Table, who each hold the rank of Knight Grand Officer, serving as a cardinal secretary of state, representing a ministry of the realm, and are addressed as “Cardinal [Surname]”, or “[Firstname] Cardinal [Surname]”. The Knight Grand Officers oversee both the order’s strategic efforts against SJWs and the establishment of a base in Kekistan.

Knight Grand Officers, particularly the Grand Diplomat of the Order, act as visitors-general of the order. They are knights specially appointed by the Prince-Bishop to visit the different provinces, correct malpractices, introduce new regulations, and resolve important disputes. The visitors-general has the power to remove knights from office and to suspend the Master of the province, grand priory, or priory concerned.

Knight Grand Officers who hold the Grand Offices of State are appointed directly by His Holiness, and form the Inner Circle, the privy council, and the other Knight Grand Officers are appointed by His Holiness after consultation with His Grand Chancellor. Regards the Outer Circle, Crown Officers are appointed by the Prince-Bishop, while the Civil Service recruits its staff itself though it defers to the Prince-Bishop for approval. Knight Grand Officers of the Inner Circle are cardinal-bishops, while those of the middle and outer circles are cardinal-priests.


Prince-Bishop Luke: The head of the Order of Kekistan is HRH Prince-Bishop Luke, who governs both as sovereign and as religious superior.


As per the Constitution of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan:

  • 5.6 – The Inner Circle: The Grand Offices of State are the Grand Commander of the Inner Circle, the Grand Seneschal (The Home Office), Grand Diplomat of the Order (The Foreign Office), the Grand Almoner (The Treasury), the Grand Justiciar (The Judiciary), and the Grand Marshall (The Defence Ministry).

Grand Commander of the Inner Circle: Martin Costello (de facto), Kekistani Front – is the second highest authority of the Order, and the immediate personal aide to the Prince-Bishop, acting substitute for the Grand Master as needed, and secretary of the Round Table.

Grand Seneschal: Lewis Kaasikmae, Kekistani Front – The Grand Seneschal, or Home Secretary, is the senior advisor and project manager for both the Grand Master and Grand Commander, coordinating general internal operations for the effective functioning of the Order.  The Grand Seneschal Provides strategic and operational development of the Order for its public relations and contributions to society.

Grand Diplomat of the Order: Eric Siva Jothy, Kekistani Front – The Foreign Secretary. The Grand Diplomat’s role is to settle differences with other states. He visits the various international Priories as a teacher and encourager.

Grand Justiciar: Corey Smith, Kekistani Front – The Grand Justiciar, or Secretary of Justice, is the senior lawyer and legal advisor for the Government, managing legal strategies, overseeing, coordinating and supporting legal work by other Justiciars in all subdivisions. He is also the Chief Judge in charge of handling and resolving complaints or disputes involving members of the chivalric aspect of the Order.

Grand Almoner: Andrew Cooper, Kekistani Front – The Grand Almoner, or Secretary of State to the Treasury, is the traditional form of Chief Treasurer, managing all financial and tangible assets of the Treasury of the Round Table of the Order, including real estate properties, and upholding and enforcing contracts related to such assets or deeds and easements on such properties.

Grand Marshall: Jordan Gonzo, Kekistani Freedom Party – The Grand Marshall, or Defence Secretary, is traditionally the chief administrator supporting the Inner Circle of the Round Table, directing and coordinating projects and missions of the Order, overseeing the Masters in all subdivisions, and serving as the chief of protocol administering the proceedings of ceremonial events.  The Grand Marshall is generally in charge of public relations and membership recruiting campaigns, in the sense of “marshalling the troops” to support the humanitarian missions of the Order.


As per the Constitution of the Sovereign Order of Kekistan:

  • 5.7 – Other Knight Grand Officers are the Grand Chancellor, the Grand Preceptor (Education); the Grand Entrepreneur (Trade & Labour); the Grand Scientist (Technology & Energy); the Grand Traveller (Transport); the the Grand Hospitaller (Health); the Grand Horticulturist (Environment & Agriculture); and the Grand Canon and Turcopolier and High Priest of Memes (Culture, Sport and Religion).

Grand Chancellor of the Round Table: Big Man Tyrone, no party affiliation (de facto, no official election has been held yet in Kekistan, because the region has yet to be settled and hence has no constituents) – The MP which His Holiness feels has the most support of the House of Commons serves as the Grand Chancellor (Decanus Sacri Collegii) – such would typically be the leader of the largest political party in the Commons. While His Holiness chairs meetings of the Knight Grand Officers of the Round Table as primus inter pares, The Grand Chancellor is de facto the head of government, who coordinates ministers and administering the Civil Service and all government agencies.

Grand Canon and Turcopolier: David Baker, Kekistani Front – The Grand Canon and Turcopolier, or High Priest of Memes, or Culture Secretary, is the chief advisor to the Round Table on all canonical and ecclesiastical matters, including memes. This is a canonical cardinal Bishop of the Kek faith who respects cultural Christianity and Western values, including capitalism, exercising the Ecclesiastical authority vested in the Round Table by the Prince-Bishop.

Grand Scientist: Victoria Holland, Kekistani Freedom Party – Minister for Technology & Energy.

Grand Preceptor: Charlie Sammonds, Kekistani Front – The Grand Preceptor, or Education Secretary, is the senior academic and educational director for all historical, theological and cultural research, publications, teaching materials and training programs of the Order, developing strategies and policies for its internal educational functions.

Grand Hospitaller: TBA, The Health Secretary.

Grand Transporter: TBA

Grand Horticulturalist: TBA

Grand Entrepreneur: TBA


Crown Officer – Crown Officers are appointed by the Prince-Bishop to perform any function of secular governance or administration of the Order as a sovereign subject of international law, as may be necessary or appropriate from time to time, whether holding a Title of Office or as a general Magistral Officer performing specific official functions.

Civil Service Members – Recruited as staff of the Civil Service via a recruitment process for empty vacancies. Successful candidates are referred to the Prince-Bishop for approval.