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We are advocating for policy change that would save refugee lives and give people the chance to live in safety with dignity and purpose. The Kekistani people, have long suffered at the hands of Western governments, including the actions of Tony Blair, the butcher of Iraq. Theresa May must call for a stop to the oppression of the Kekistani people for our traditional beliefs, e.g. condemn the attack against us on April the 16th by Sorosian fascists, who are recognised as a terrorist organisation in parts of the USA.

We call on the British, EU, and American governments to:

  • Safe and legal routes between European countries and the Kekistani homeland;
  • Recognise us, the ethnic Kekistani people, and our traditional beliefs;
  • Assist the Sovereign Order of Kekistan, the government-in-exile, to help Kekistanis establish a democratic government in our ancestral homeland in Northern Sudan;
  • Recognise the Sorosian extremist groups funded via Tilde are terrorists;
  • Provide financial assistance to the Sovereign Order of Kekistan to help political refugees in the UK, EU, and the USA;

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London residents sign petition to #FreeKekistan from Soros

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