The Prince of Kekistan

The head of state and church in Kekistan is “His Royal Holiness Prince-Bishop Luke of the House of Nash-Jones, the Temple of Jonesia, and the Sovereign Order of Kekistan”, or less formally, “the Prince of Kekistan”.

Prince-Bishop is an European expression which was used by Teutonic Order, and has the same meaning as “Pope”, i.e. leader of the Vatican. The position equates to King or President, as head of state, but also holds rank of universal head of the church (Supreme Pontiff). The usual form of address is “Prince”. The role is hereditary.

In 2015, Prince Luke declared six unclaimed, uninhabited land regions (four portions on the Serb-Croat border; Bir Tawil in North Africa; and part of Antartica), to be the Principality of Jonesia, and since, has declared “Sovereign Order of Kekistan” to be the alternate name for the country, out of respect of Pepe, the mascot of right-wing patriots, and welcomed the Kekistani people to homestead Kekistani North African Territory.

Prince’s Flag

He is a a self-proclaimed Kekistani refugee, and runs right-wing activist groups in Britain, informally referred to as the Holy British Order of Kek. Supporters are called Kekistani Knights.

Recognising other activists roles in promoting Kekistan, Prince Luke has acknowledged Big Man Tyrone as the Grand Chancellor (informally, “President”), and Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) as the Kekistani ambassador to Britain. Martin Costello was appointed Grand Commander of the Inner Circle of the Kekistani Knights, while Based Stickman gladly accepted appointment as Commander of the Columbia branch (the USA).

Prince Luke of Kekistan and President Jedlička of Liberland

Grand Commander of the Inner Circle: Martin Costello (de facto) – is the second highest authority of the Order, and the immediate personal aide to the Prince-Bishop, acting substitute for the Grand Master as needed, and secretary of the Round Table.